Free law school tuition, with a catch

Get a free legal education, with no guarantee that you can take the bar exam.

Indiana Tech Law School started out in 2013. Really close to the bottom of a long-term nationwide slide in the number of folks applying to go to law school. It's the fifth law school in Indiana. Interesting to see someone enter a market where demand is declining and supply seems to be pretty strong.

Indiana Tech has applied for ABA approval, which is needed so grads can take the bar exam. Approval has been declined. The school is re-applying.

Nobody is saying why ABA approval was denied, and the school says it is working to fix whatever deficiencies the ABA noted.

The school has now announced that every student who is enrolled in the school during 2016 will receive a 100 percent scholarship. Of course they still have to buy books and cover their own living expenses. And take the risk that ABA approval might not be forthcoming.

Free tuition was offered at U Cal Irvine during its first year of operations. As part of the huge and well-financed U Cal system, it seemed clear that ABA approval would be a cinch, and the school got approval on the fastest track available. The jury is still out on Indiana Tech.