SCOTUSblog's amazing iPhone App


SCOTUSblog has launched an amazing iPhone App. Don't read any more; just go get it HERE. It's free, of course.

The menu is lovely:

Merits Cases opens to a list of all cases being heard on the merits, in the order in which they will be argued. One more click and you get them listed in alphabetical order.

Petitions opens to a list of cases that have been featured as "Petition of the Day" – most recent cases first. If you scroll all the way down you get cases in which the Court has asked for the views of the Solicitor General. One more click and you get "Petition of the Day" listed in alphabetical order. [I suggest moving the Solicitor General cases to their own separate page.]

This Week tells you what the Court is doing this week – arguments, conferences, etc.

Calendar gives you a lovely color-coded calendar telling you what cases will be argued, whether orders will be issued, and whether the Court is in a conference.

Videos gives you – well – videos. Mostly speeches by the Justices.

Special Features gives you symposiums on various current legal issues. Usually scholarly stuff.

Statistics tells you how many opinions each Justice is writing, a tally of how the Circuit Courts are doing in terms of being affirmed or reversed, and a nifty chart showing how frequently each Justice agrees with each other Justice.

Polls gives you a chance to vote on specific cases.

Twitter and Facebook buttons will whisk you away to your favorite social media platform.

This is easily the best law blog app I've ever seen.