Senate Committee advances Richard Griffin Jr.'s nomination for NLRB GC

Looks like we'll get a "normal" appointment and Senate confirmation for the next NLRB General Counsel. The General Counsel is the NLRB's head prosecutor, and runs the nationwide network of Regional Offices. This is a separate Presidential appointment that requires approval by the Senate.

Richard Griffin Jr. is a former union lawyer, and served briefly as an NLRB Member. The Senate Labor Committee voted 13-9 today to send his nomination to the full Senate. All 12 Democrats plus Republican Lisa Murkowski (Alaska) voted yes; all the other Republicans voted no.

It's too bad the process remains so politically polarized. There is no question about Griffin's qualifications. And, of course he is pro-union. And we expect Republican nominees to be pro-management. So why can't they set aside the nominees' political leanings and vote based on qualifications? Shall we wait for nominees who have no ideology? Pretty hard to find among well-qualified labor lawyers.