Transgender cop Catch 22: Can't use men's or women's restroom

You can't make these things up. Brandilyn Netz served for 17 years as a police officer for the Clark County, Nevada, School District. Brandilyn began dressing for work like a man, grooming like a man, and identifying himself as a man, and wanted to be known as Bradley Roberts.

The boss instructed Roberts that he was not allowed to use the men's bathroom, and not allowed to use the women's bathroom, and that he must confine himself to using gender-neutral restrooms.

When Roberts sued in federal court, the judge stated the issue as:

does Title VII’s protection against “sex” discrimination include gender-identity discrimination?

The judge surveyed the cases, and concluded that "Title VII applies both to discrimination based on concepts of sex and discrimination based on other stereotypes about sex, including gender identity." Roberts v. Clark County, School District (D Nevada 10/04/2016) [Opinion text].

Meanwhile, the 7th Circuit has vacated [Order text] its famous decision in Hively v. Ivy Tech Community College (7th Cir 07/28/2016) [Opinion text] which had (reluctantly) held that Title VII does not reach discrimination based on gender identity. That case will now be re-heard en banc by the full 7th Circuit court.